Amazon S3 Powered 99.999999999% Durable
Auto-Backups for cPanel & Reseller Accounts

Backupazon is the easiest website backup service.  Five minute setup, no installation, fully automatic.  Restore in minutes.

  • Customizable backup schedule
  • Daily backup status reports
  • cPanel, Reseller and Full WHM Backups
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Never lose data again with our full automatic backups

  • Secure Amazon S3 Backups

    Amazon S3 offers 99.999999999% durability. Data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities & multiple devices in each facility.

  • Instant or Summary Alerts

    We’ll send you a full log alert every time your cPanel backup is done. Or daily or weekly summaries.

  • Total Control Members Area

    Visit our Members Area to manage everything from your backups, schedules, logs, reports, billing & support requests.

  • Lowest Cost Backups

    Our fully automated cPanel Backup Service offers the lowest price, starting at 7.4¢/gb. Now with Unlimited Incoming Bandwidth.

  • Set It and Forget It

    Take 5 minutes today to setup your full cPanel or WHM reseller backups and we’ll continue to back them up forever.

  • Reseller cPanel Optimized

    Backup all your clients accounts with just your WHM password. Add or exclude individual accounts. Auto add or ignore new accounts.

Backups are Your Responsibility with Every Hosting Company

Host Gator, Bluehost, Just Host, Host Papa and thousands of more webhosts don't ensure your backups.

It is solely Subscriber's duty and responsibility to backup Subscriber's files and data on Bluehost servers, and under no circumstance will Bluehost be liable to anyone for damages of any kind for loss of Subscriber files or data on any Bluehost server.

Terms of Service

Rock Solid Website Protection - Simple Configuration


99.999999999% Durability with S3

We backup all cPanel accounts to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service.) Don't trust your data to other providers that use their own storage to save money. Nothing beats Amazon S3 durability.

Trust the technology behind Pinterest (8 billion objects and 400 TB of data in Amazon S3), Nasdaq (ten years of historical tick data to the ms in Amazon S3) and WeTransfer (30,000,000 file transfers/mo.)

WHM Reseller Backups

As a cPanel Reseller, you’re at the mercy of your webhost when it comes to your customer data. If your host loses your customer data then you’re out of business. If your host goes out of business then you’re out of business. Your customer data is your responsibility.

Protect yourself. Stop relying on your webhost with your business. Full, Automatic WHM Reseller backups from Backupazon.

Restore Accounts in Minutes

Backupazon retains as many cPanel backups as you like and you can access these via ftp or http 24×7. You don’t need to contact us to help restore your data. Do it yourself faster.

Provide your webhost with a full cPanel backup of your account to restore in minutes. Never worry about your webhost saying “Sorry, we don’t have your data” again.

Here's How Backupazon Protects Your Website

Our goal is to provide an advanced solution with a simple interface; easy for average people.  We don't think you should have to pay an engineer to protect your website.  Do it yourself in under 5 minutes.

  • 1

    Add Your Account Credentials

    Simply provide us with your cPanel or WHM Reseller account credentials and we'll take it from there. Resellers don't need to have individual customer account passwords. Resellers can also select which individual cPanel accounts to backup.

  • 2

    Schedule Backup Frequency

    You choose if you want to backup daily, weekly, monthly, multiple days of the week, select days of the month & more. You can even select the time you want the accounts processed.

  • 3

    Set It and Forget It

    Backupazon does the rest. We'll run our full automatic cPanel and WHM Reseller backups on your schedule. Your off-server backups and archives are managed by our team. You don't need to do anything else.

  • 4

    Optional Email Alerts & Logs

    If you like we can send you email alerts for every account backup we make, or daily, weekly or monthly digests, or simply view all backup logs in our members area. Our alerts and logs provide you with full cPanel backup logs for every backup.

Total Control in Our Members Area!

Full Reports for Every cPanel Backup

Instant, Daily, Weekly or Monthly Alerts!

HostPapa's backup activities are primarily for HostPapa's
own disaster recovery purposes, and that you are responsible
for the storage, backup and archiving of your content.

Terms of Service

It's Never Been Easier to Protect Your Website

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One Size Doesn't Fit All.  Choose Your Plan.

  • Amazon S3 Storage
  • Retain Backups
  • Additional Storage
  • WHM Reseller Accounts
  • cPanel Accounts
  • Incoming Bandwidth
    (account backups)
  • Outgoing Bandwidth
    (account restores)
  • Monthly Price

  • Annual Price
    (2 months free)
  • Biennial Price
    (6 months free)
  • 20 gb
  • 15 Versions
  • -
  • 1
  • unlimited
  • unlimited

  • 80 gb
    (4 complete restores)
  • $4.95
  • $49.95
    ($4.16/mo - 20.8¢/gb)
  • $89.95
    ($3.75/mo - 18.7¢/gb)
  • 60 gb
  • 30 Versions
  • -
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • unlimited

  • 240 gb
    (4 complete restores)
  • $9.95
  • $99.95
    ($8.33/mo - 13.9¢/gb)
  • $179.95
    ($7.50/mo - 12.5¢/gb)
  • 180 gb
  • 45 Versions
  • 4.9¢/gb - 7.3¢/gb
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • unlimited

  • 720 gb
    (4 complete restores)
  • $19.95
  • $199.95
    ($16.66/mo - 9.3¢/gb)
  • $359.95
    ($15.00/mo - 8.3¢/gb)
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We also offer a Personal Plan with 7 gb S3 Storage, Retain 5 Versions of 3 cPanel accounts for $24.95/year or $44.95/two-years  (Start)

You Have Nothing to Lose!

(except your data if you don't use Backupazon)

You have 30 Days to decide if Backupazon is right for you. If you're not satisfied with the additional security and piece of mind provided by Backupazon, we'll give you your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Doesn't My Webhost Backup My Data? +

Most webhosts will perform “disaster recover” backups for their own protection.  i.e. if their server crashes they can restore customer data server wide.  They can’t help you with single account restoration.

Some hosts will provide weekly or other backups and charge you to restore them.  This won’t help you when you need to restore the data to a new host or if you need your data restored in a hurry.

With Backupazon, your backups are independent of your webhost.  As they should be.  You can use your backups to restore your account anywhere you like, including your current webhost.

Q2) What Data/Information is Backed Up? +

Backupazon performs a Full cPanel Backup of your data.  This will backup all cPanel settings, files, databases, emails, logs and everything required to restore your cPanel account to it’s exact state at the time of the backup.

You can use this backup to restore your full cPanel account at your existing host or with a new host.  You can also download this backup to your computer and uncompress it if you need to perform a partial restore (select files.)

Q3) How Much Storage (gb) Do I Need? +

Generally a single cPanel account backup will use 50% of the total disk space used by the account (files, databases and emails.)  This will increase if the account contains an larger than average amount of videos, pictures and already compressed files.

You also need to consider how many cPanel accounts you will need backups of, as well as how many days of backups would you like to retain.

For example, if you have 5 average cPanel accounts with 1 GB data each, and you want to keep 6 days of backups you should expect to use approximately 15 GB  (5 accounts x 1 GB data x 50% compression x 6 days.)

Q4) I'm a Reseller. What do I need to know? +

Backupazon is the perfect service for cPanel Resellers.  To backup all the cPanel accounts under your control you just need to provide us with your main account credentials.  We’ll do the rest.

You can select to backup all client accounts, or pick and choose individual client accounts. You can even select “Automatically Add New Accounts” for when new client accounts are added.

Q5) How do I restore my full cPanel backup? +

In our members area, you will be able to download any cPanel backup file, or directly transfer this file to your webhost server.  If you choose to download, we will provide you with a unique custom download URL to access the file or to provide to your webhost.

If you have a shared hosting account or a reseller hosting account, you will need to submit a request to your webhost and provide them with the download URL to your backup or you will need to upload this file to your hosting account.

To restore a partial backup, simply download the file to your computer and uncompress it.  Then you can browse through the files and select the files you want to restore.  Simply upload these with your favorite FTP tool and you're done.

Q6) Are other packages / storage sizes available? +

In addition to the standard packages above, we also offer the Deluxe, Business and Corporate packages with larger quotas, and we offer Partner pricing.

Personal Plan
7 gb, $44.95/two-year, 26.8¢/gb/mo.
7 gb, $24.95/one-year, 29.7¢/gb/mo.

Personal Plan 14
14 gb, $76.43/two-year, 22.7¢/gb/mo.
14 gb, $42.43/one-year, 25.3¢/gb/mo.

Deluxe Plan
20 gb, $89.95/two-year, 18.7¢/gb/mo.
20 gb, $49.95/one-year, 20.8¢/gb/mo.
20 gb, $4.95/month, 24.8¢/gb/mo.

Deluxe Plan 30
30 gb, $119.94/two-year, 16.7¢/gb/mo.
30 gb, $66.61/one-year, 18.5¢/gb/mo.
30 gb, $6.61/month, 22.0¢/gb/mo.

Deluxe Plan 40
40 gb, $149.93/two-year, 15.6¢/gb/mo.
40 gb, $83.27/one-year, 17.3¢/gb/mo.
40 gb, $8.27/month, 20.7¢/gb/mo.

Business Plan
60 gb, $179.95/two-year, 12.5¢/gb/mo.
60 gb, $99.95/one-year, 13.9¢/gb/mo.
60 gb, $9.95/month, 16.6¢/gb/mo.

Business Plan 80
80 gb, $219.94/two-year, 11.5¢/gb/mo.
80 gb, $122.17/one-year, 12.7¢/gb/mo.
80 gb, $12.17/month, 15.2¢/gb/mo.

Business Plan 100
100 gb, $259.94/two-year, 10.8¢/gb/mo.
100 gb, $144.38/one-year, 12.0¢/gb/mo.
100 gb, $14.38/month, 14.4¢/gb/mo.

Business Plan 120
120 gb, $299.93/two-year, 10.4¢/gb/mo.
120 gb, $166.60/one-year, 11.6¢/gb/mo.
120 gb, $16.60/month, 13.8¢/gb/mo.

Business Plan 140
140 gb, $339.93/two-year, 10.1¢/gb/mo.
140 gb, $182.82/one-year, 11.2¢/gb/mo.
140 gb, $18.82/month, 13.4¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan
180 gb, $359.95/two-year, 8.3¢/gb/mo.
180 gb, $199.95/one-year, 9.3¢/gb/mo.
180 gb, $19.95/month, 11.1¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 220
220 gb, $412.61/two-year, 7.8¢/gb/mo.
220 gb, $229.28/one-year, 8.7¢/gb/mo.
220 gb, $22.88/month, 10.4¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 260
260 gb, $465.28/two-year, 7.5¢/gb/mo.
260 gb, $258.61/one-year, 8.3¢/gb/mo.
260 gb, $25.81/month, 6.9¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 300
300 gb, $517.94/two-year, 7.2¢/gb/mo.
300 gb, $287.94/one-year, 8.0¢/gb/mo.
300 gb, $28.74/month, 9.6¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 340
340 gb, $570.60/two-year, 7.0¢/gb/mo.
340 gb, $317.27/one-year, 7.8¢/gb/mo.
340 gb, $31.67/month, 9.3¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 380
380 gb, $623.27/two-year, 6.8¢/gb/mo.
380 gb, $346.60/one-year, 7.6¢/gb/mo.
380 gb, $34.60/month, 9.1¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 420
420 gb, $675.93/two-year, 6.8¢/gb/mo.
420 gb, $375.93/one-year, 7.6¢/gb/mo.
420 gb, $37.53/month, 8.9¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 460
460 gb, $728.59/two-year, 6.6¢/gb/mo.
460 gb, $405.26/one-year, 7.3¢/gb/mo.
460 gb, $40.46/month, 8.8¢/gb/mo.

Corporate Plan 500
500 gb, $781.26/two-year, 6.5¢/gb/mo.
500 gb, $434.59/one-year, 7.2¢/gb/mo.
500 gb, $43.39/month, 8.7¢/gb/mo.

Partner Plan
600 gb, $789.95/two-year, 5.5¢/gb/mo.
600 gb, $439.95/one-year, 6.1¢/gb/mo.
600 gb, $43.95/month, 7.3¢/gb/mo.

Partner Plan - Additional 200
+200 gb, $235.20/two-year, 4.9¢/gb/mo.
+200 gb, $117.60/one-year, 4.9¢/gb/mo.
+200 gb, $9.77/month, 4.9¢/gb/mo.

These additional options are available to you in the members center after signup.

Stop Relying on Your Webhost for Backups

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HostGator is not responsible for files and/or data residing on your account. You agree to take full responsibility for all files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on HostGator’s servers.

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